I have performed/recorded/composed with/for many bands of different styles from jazz to electro since early 2000's.
Have Tutored music for over 15 years from private settings to public school environments.
The music I write as of late does not abide to any Musical Genre. 
I express myself through my multiplicities (multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-instrumentalist) and focus my music on the storytelling and emotion rather than a particular style. Music has this power to transport you to other imaginary worlds and uplift your sould/mood drastically!
I always love to share my passion and knowledge I've been fortunate to build over the last 15 yrs or so of playing around Europe (France/Switzerland/Germany/Italy/Poland). My experience these last few years in New York, playing in Harlem and Brooklyn has also brought its share of experiences that transpires through my tutoring sessions! 
Feel free to contact me for Instrumental or Theory classes!
Love 'n Light